Solidworks and Windows 10

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Solidworks and Windows 10

by Nathan

With the recent release of Windows 10, many of the current SOLIDWORKS users must be wondering if the operating system would support the earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS.


As of July 2015 SOLIDWORKS has released information on one of its technical channels that its products would be supported on Windows 10 64 bit Pro and Enterprise for SOLIDWORKS 2015 and 2016. They have yet to release the specific service pack for both SOLIDWORKS 2015 and 2016 commencement of support but have mentioned that SOLIDWORKS 2014, will not be supported on the latest Windows operating system.

Users coming from older versions who are looking to upgrade to the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, should take note that SOLIDWORKS has also begun to phase out support for 32 bit versions in favour of the 64 bit versions this year. This means that, user’s existing hardware may require an update if they wish to make the jump from an earlier to latest version of SOLIDWORKS.

As always users are advised to check the SOLIDWORKS systems requirement page for the latest information on changes to supported hardware and drivers for SOLIDWORKS.