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3D Design

3D CAD Design Software for Singapore’s Engineers

Direct modelling software has greatly helped engineers modify and edit 3D designs in big or small scapes. With this innovative computer software, you’re able to easily evaluate large-scale objects without needing the product in front of you. This helps improve productivity and makes the process run seamlessly.

At ATE, we’ve made it our mission to provide our customers with a range of products that effectively help them with their work. From independent workers looking for a small solution, to businesses in need of software on all their computers, we make sure to only supply the latest in technology and software. Take a look at our tools and software for 3D design today.

Incorporate direct modelling software into your production

Whether you’re working on a personal project at home, need quality software for programming at work or are looking for effective educational tools for the classroom, our direct modelling software should be your first choice.

Design a range of real-life objects. With our range of software, you’ll be able to create a design that’s easy to modify, customisable and adjustable.

The latest advancements in mechanical conversion software

With the software from ATE, you’ll be about to manage your products, and get closer range on small or minor changes and details. 3D printing and mechanical conversion software has greatly helped many engineers develop and modify products, applying the software to a number of industries. Increase productivity by ensuring you have the best software available.

If you are in need of modelling or 3D design software, browse our selection today. Simply add the products you wish to purchase, add any extra details and we’ll send you back a quote for everything you’ve selected. Regardless of your requirements, our Singapore team will be able to help you.

Analysis Tools

Speed up Computer Analysis with Altair Hyperworks
Our range of Altair products are the leading software, reporting and optimization solutions in the industry. HyperWorks are well-known creators of CAE software products. Designed to ensure computer software runs seamlessly and smoothly, these products are essential in analytics tasks.

ATE are proud providers of HyperWorks analytics tools, ensuring Singapore engineers have the right products for the job. Effectively analyse the performance of all your applications and computers with our range of tools.
Singapore’s leading provider of engineering solutions and software
Quality analytics tools will ensure you can build and produce products in a significantly faster time. Improving productivity and making the process seamless for engineers, these products have been a popular choice for many.

Manage your models big or small, with HyperWorks solutions. We’ve made sure to only supply the latest technology and software for our customers, ensuring that they are up-to-date with advanced solutions. Take a look at our range of analytic tools and you’ll be sure to find something that you can incorporate into your production, reporting and designing operations.
Order your products today!
At ATE, we want to ensure that our customers have a range of options for software installation and product management. We have a range of solutions, products, services and quality training courses available for all levels and companies. Whether you’re working on your own, or need a solution for your team, we’ll be able to provide the right answer for you.

Take a look at our HyperWork analytics tools today and get started on speeding up your design and product process. Just add your products to the cart and once you’re done, we’ll add up all your products and give you a quick quote. If you’re not sure what exactly you need, just talk to our team and we’ll guide you through the process.

CAM Solutions

SolidCAM is the only CAM with the unmatched, patented iMachining solution. SolidCAM & iMachining provide unbelievable savings and increased efficiency in your CNC milling operations, resulting into profits and success for our customers worldwide.

3D Printing

3D Printing is a manufacturing method that uses additive processes, which adds a lot of thin layers of a given material to build a three-dimensional object. With our 3D printing capabilities and complementary CAD services, we make great design happen through the latest rapid prototyping technologies to deliver cost effective, and fully functional prototypes and end products.

ATE CAD Project Day

Project based learning program that guide you on how to create an adjustable table model using top down design and several other tools like Sheet Metal and Weldment. You will also learn on how to create a drawing of the exploded assembly with complete BOM information.

ATE Simulation Project Day

Learn the fundamental of Finite Element Analysis and gain additional benefits and application from CAD-Embedded Simulation. You will also be able to prepare a set of a simulation model, being able to interpret and evaluate the reliability of the test results.

ATE Best Practice Day

Learn the Top-down design methodology in SOLIDWORKS design that will equip you with the flexibility in making future changes to your design. Follow SOLIDWORKS modelling best practices to improve your modelling productivity.

ATE CSWP Exam Preparation Class

ATE’s CSWP Preparation Course aim to prepare SOLIDWORKS users for SOLIDWORKS CSWP examination. We ensure that the user are comfortable and confident before the actual CSWP examination.

ATE Metal Day

Learn how to use quick start your Sheet Metal and Structural Design with SOLIDWORKS. The first part of the course introduce you from 3D Sheet Metal creation to Flatten state. Second part of the course, we will focus on extrusion structure frame creation. Metal Day is designed to meet all your needs in metal design!

ATE Productivity Day

Learn how to create SOLIDWORKS templates to quick start your design in Solidworks. Make use of SOLIDWORKS productivity tools to enhance your 3D CAD modelling productivity!

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