Search and select material in SOLIDWORKS libraries using properties filters

In myCADTools by ateworks

SelectMaterial helps to choose a material from SOLIDWORKS libraries and apply it to the active SOLIDWORKS document.

This utility helps you to easily find a material, through filters on the library properties.

When the material is applied to the part, the custom properties of the material automatically become custom properties of the part.

In addition, SelectMaterial allows you to customize hatching angle and scale directly at the 3D model level (feature that is no longer possible since SOLIDWORKS 2009).

Select Manager
Select Manager

Key features

  • Explore SOLIDWORKS materials libraries
  • Filter materials based on custom properties
  • Applies the selected material to the active document
  • Automatically adds the custom properties of the material to the document
  • Customize material hatching angle and scale

Key Benefits

  • Apply materials, Customize material hatching angle and scale from the Task pane
  • Search for a material by filtering on the properties
  • Adds Material to the Custom properties of the file


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