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Take your design process to the next level by testing it in a virtual real-world environment. Spend more time designing and less cost on prototyping. Evaluate the efficiency with SOLIDWORKS Suite of products, make improvements and boost your product innovation with durability, static and dynamic response, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamic and plastic injection molding.


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Structural Simulation

Motion Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional gives product engineers the efficiency to evaluate structural product performance under a wide range of physical scenarios using the powerful virtual testing environment of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. Fully embedded with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional enables engineers to determine product mechanical resistance, product durability, natural frequencies, and test heat transfer and buckling instabilities.

Featured Capabilities
Linear Stress Analysis Calculate stresses and deformations of parts and assemblies due to internal and external loads to validate product performance and safety while you design.
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Use finite element analysis (FEA) to calculate stresses and displacements of parts and assemblies under internal and external loads.
Fatigue Analysis Fatigue analysis examines how repeated or random load cycles can cause structural failure (so called metal fatigue). SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables designers to take two, complementary approaches to design analysis: (1) Design for Strength and (2) Design for Life.
Motion Analysis SOLIDWORKS motion analysis uses the assembly mates along with part contacts and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical movements of an assembly under load. With the assembly motion and forces calculated, a structural analysis of the components can be performed to ensure product performance.
Thermal Structural Analysis


Thermal structural analysis is the application of the finite element method to calculate the temperature distribution within a solid structure, which is due to the thermal inputs (heat loads), outputs (heat loss), and thermal barriers (thermal contact resistance) in your design. Thermal structural analysis solves the conjugate heat transfer problem with the simulation calculation of thermal conduction, convection, and radiation.
Vibration Analysis


SOLIDWORKS Simulation provides detailed vibration data through frequency analysis and dynamic analysis to ensure product performance and safety. Vibration analysis is an important consideration when an applied load is not constant (static), inducing unstable modes of vibration (resonance) which result in a shortened service life and cause unexpected failures.
Structural Analysis


Structural simulation covers a wide range of FEA problems – from the performance of a part under a constant load to the stress analysis of a moving assembly under dynamic loading, all of which can be determined using SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools.
Structural Optimization


SOLIDWORKS Simulation simplifies structural optimization with a goal-driven design approach to parametrically alter a design so that it meets defined structural goals.
Drop Test Analysis


In a drop test analysis, the time varying stresses and deformations due to an initial impact of the product with a rigid or flexible planar surface (the floor) are calculated. As the product deforms, secondary internal and external impacts are also calculated, locating critical weaknesses or failure points, as well as stresses and displacements. Drop test analysis using SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables you to visualize the elastic stress wave propagating through the system so that the correct assembly methods are used.
Frequency Analysis


Quickly and efficiently investigate the natural frequencies of a design—with and without loads and boundary conditions – with easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Ensure that the natural modes of vibration are away from environmental forcing frequencies, indicating that the design will meet the required service life.

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SOLIDWORKS Premium SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation
Assembly Simulation
Mechanism Analysis
Concurrent Engineering
Design Comparison with Parametric Simulation
Linear Static Simulation for Assembly
Trend Tracker
Time Based Mechanism Simulation
Fatigue Simulation
Event-Based Motion Simulation
Design Optimization Simulation
Frequency Simulation
Buckling or Collapse Simulation
Thermal Simulation
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
Drop Test Simulation
Submodeling Simulation
2D Simplification
Load Case Manager
SOLIDWORKS Material Web Portal
Plastic Deformation and Residual Stresses Simulation
Plastic and Rubber Components Simulation
Large Displacement Structural Simulation
Composites Components Simulation
Forced Vibrations Simulation
Nonlinear Dynamics
Fluid Flow Simulation

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