SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management

SOLIDWORKS PDM software is easy to implement, requiring little IT support, and can be customized to your project workflow. With tight integration to SOLIDWORKS design software, your team can focus on product development and innovation. You can improve the productivity of your product development process, no matter what the size and distribution of your organization is.


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SOLIDWORKS product data management (PDM) solutions help you get your design data under control. You can securely store and index your design data for fast retrieval, eliminate concerns about version control and data loss, and even share and collaborate on designs online with people outside your organisation. With SOLIDWORKS PDM solutions, you can substantially improve the way your teams manage and collaborate on design.


File Reference Management Maintain all file references between parts, assemblies, drawings, and other types of design data automatically.
Revision and Version Control Ensure the appropriate personnel are always working with the right version of a design
Advanced Searching Take advantage of powerful file searching tools to quickly find the design data that you need across a range of file types.
Electronic Workflow Create an electronic workflow to formalize, manage, and optimize processes.
Electronic Signature Save time by using an automated, electronic process to circulate documents for signature and approval.
Audit Trail and History Maintain a complete history of product design, engineering, and development activities.
BOM Export Export bill of materials (BOM) information for use in downstream applications and systems.
Multisite Replication Support collaboration among design groups by replicating your data vault to multiple sites.
PDM Customization Configure and customize your SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM implementation your unique requirements.

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