SOLIDWORKS® PCB is a set of tools engineered to bridge the gap between electrical and mechanical designs. We’ve combined the best in PCB design technology with an easy-to-use interface and linked it with SOLIDWORKS CAD to give you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily just what you need what when PCBs are only a part of your product design workflow


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SolidWorks® PCB products help companies simplify the electronic design process and enable concurrent development of electronic and mechanical aspects of a design. SolidWorks PCB is unique in its ability to provide on demand link between Electronic design and 3D mechanical models, and therefore offer a clear advantage to any company where MCAD and ECAD must collaborate on a project.


Powerful PCB Design
Getting your designs done as quickly and easily as possible is always a top priority. Meeting those critical time-to-market deadlines requires a PCB design tool capable of keeping up with the demands of your complex designs. SOLIDWORKS PCB is packed with all of the latest design technology, powered by over 25 years of R&D experience from the PCB design experts at Altium.
Seamless Integration
By integrating Electronic designs seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS utilizing your trusted mechanical workflow, designs come to life with integrated design data, managed ECO processes, and greater analysis capabilities. SOLIDWORKS PCB is focused on bringing the best of both worlds together.
Real-time Collaboration
Keep your ECAD and MCAD designs connected with managed ECO change processes, distinct workflows and seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD – all while maintaining your preferred workflow.

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