SOLIDWORKS for Beginners Training


Duration: 2.0 Day/s
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows® operating system.

SOLIDWORKS for Beginners teaches you the basics of SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software to build parametric models of parts and assemblies, and how to make drawings of those parts and assemblies. Students will be able to acquire literacy in using SOLIDWORKS to build their first 3D model. Lessons will be conducted in a project based learning format.


Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Advantages of 3D
    • Why use SOLIDWORKS 3D
    • Prerequisite of using SOLIDWORKS 3D
  • Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Basics and user interface
    • Learn how to navigate SOLIDWORKS  user interface
    • Learn how to plan your design
  • Sketching Made easy
    • Plane selection
    • Create simple geometry using line, circle and rectangle
    • Trimming geometry
    • Adding dimension and relation to sketch
  • Create your first 3D Model
    • Simple understanding of modeling process
    • Convert 2D sketch to 3D model
    • Adding feature to 3D model
    • Simple hole creation
    • Simple detailing with fillet and chamfer
  • Making changes to your 3D Model
    • Learn how to modify sketch dimension and relations
    • Learn how to modify feature
    • Learn how to use simple patterning and mirror to add features
  • Create your First Assembly
    • Learn how to assemble parts together
    • Add orientation to assembled parts
    • Making changes to your Assembly
  •  Create simple exploded view by dragging parts
    • Learn how to create exploded view to show assembly sequence
  • Create 2D Drawing with ease
    • Learn how to make drawing using drag and drop method
    • Learn how to add dimensions and bill of material
    • learn how to add notes

What others are saying

I would like to thank Mr Swami for his patience and excellent teaching. I learn a lot for this solidwork for beginner. I can do my sketch on my own with a very little help from the trainer. Once again, thank you.
Linda Ong, Marketing Director