SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Fully embedded inside of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is perfect for the engineer who needs flow analysis, but is not necessarily an expert in the field of fluid simulation. A goal-oriented approach allows you to easily gain insight into the performance of your design under real world conditions.


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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can be used in a diverse array of applications and has been designed to be extremely flexible. Whether you are developing an automobile, the wing of an airplane, or an exhaust valve, using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation in the product development cycle can help you build a better product in less time.

Featured Capabilities
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis to enable quick, efficient simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer. You can easily calculate fluid forces and understand the impact of a liquid or gas on product performance.
Thermal Comfort Factors


Understand and evaluate thermal comfort levels for multiple environments using thermal comfort factor analysis with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and the HVAC Application Module.
Simulation Visualization


Evaluate and compare design alternatives with the visualization and reporting capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation. Increase your ability to make informed design decisions while you ensure product performance and safety.
Fluid Flow Analysis


Determine the impact of a liquid or gas on product performance during the design phase using CAD-embedded SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies provide meaningful insight into the impact of fluid flow, so you can address problems early, reduce the need for costly prototypes, and eliminate rework.
Electronics Thermal Management


Product Engineers can import thermal properties from CircuitWorks™ ECAD files to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, including dielectric and conductor density, specific heat, conductivity for PCBs, and volumetric heat sources from components. This capability facilitates setting up the CFD analysis for cooling simulation of electronic components to define PCBs and heat sources.
Thermal Fluid Analysis


Thermal fluid analysis enables analysis of conjugate heat transfer (thermal conduction in solids, convection between fluid and solid, and radiation) using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).


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Thermal Simulation
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation
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Submodeling Simulation
2D Simplification
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Forced Vibrations Simulation
Nonlinear Dynamics
Fluid Flow Simulation

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