SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling Training


Duration: 3.0 Day/s
Prerequisites : SOLIDWORKS Essential

The Assembly Modeling course is a must for anyone who wants to master the use of SOLIDWORKS for creating and using assemblies. You will learn how to parametrically relate different components in the context of an assembly, master the art of creating and managing all types of mates, save time designing complex mechanisms, create multiple variations of your design, perform quick selections of components, and become confident working fast with large assemblies.



Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Understanding Assemblies
  • Lesson 2: Advanced Mate Techniques
  • Lesson 3: Top-Down Assembly Modeling
  • Lesson 4: Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners, and Smart Components
  • Lesson 5: Using Configurations with Assemblies
  • Lesson 6: Display States and Appearances
  • Lesson 7: Assembly Editing
  • Lesson 8: Layout-based Assembly Design
  • Lesson 9: Large Assemblies

Training Grant Available

Before GSTAfter GST
Before Grant$800.00$856.00
After Grant$440.00$496.00

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling Training course has been approved under the funding of e2i Training Grant and you can now enroll for this course with an subsidized amount!

 Terms & Conditions for e2i Funding

In order to be eligible for the $360 training grant awarded by e2i, applicants (and/or their sponsoring organisations where applicable) must:

a) Be Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents
b) Achieve at least 75% class attendance
c) Not receive any other funding from government sources in respect of the actual grant disbursed for the programme
d) Funding Period from 1st Feb 2017 to 31 Dec 2018
e) Limited stock Available

Participants who do not fulfill the above criteria are not eligible for e2i funding and ATE reserves the right to collect the balance of the course fees (i.e. the potential grant amount) directly from the applicants (and/or their sponsoring organization where applicable). Limited slots for funding. Participants will be given course subsidy on first come first served basis.

What others are saying

Good Course!
Derek SOON, Product Designer
Good Course!
Alfred Loh, Drafter

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