SOLIDWORKS 2018 is a powerful solution that helps you to speed through your designs with new features and functions, allowing you to gain maximum performance and complete your designs faster and easier.



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Applicable Industries

• Product design –consumer goods, packaged goods, medical, automotive, aerospace, defense
• Machine design –for purchase by both end consumers and OEMs
• Mold, tool, die, and fixture design to support the manufacturing of products
• Routing and schematics for electrical, piping, and tubing design
• Design of structures, plants, and buildings as well as the electrical, piping, and HVAC systems contained within
• Engineering analysis—finite element analysis (FEA), flow, thermal, motion, tolerance analysis, plastic filling simulation, collision
• Engineering consulting and contracted engineering/design services—engineers or designers for hire
• Research work—independent, government, and university
• Cost estimation, Design for Cost (DFC) studies, and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) studies
• Manufacturing documentation—inspection and process drawings, assembly instructions, bills of materials (BOM), stock lists
• Other technical documentation—product use manual, field service manual, spare parts list
• Marketing and sales materials—photorealistic images/renderings, photorealistic animations of products in action

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