Altair Inspire

Inspire, the industry’s most powerful and easy-to-use Generative Design/Topology Optimization and rapid simulation solution for design engineers empowers its users by creating and investigating structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. This can lead to reduced costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight. The software is easy to learn and works with existing CAD tools to help design structural parts right the first time.



Design for the Freedom of Additive Manufacturing
What if you could start your design process with the ideal part and then use the freedom of additive manufacturing to make that part a reality? With Altair Inspire, this is possible!

Altair Inspire enables design engineers to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Additive manufacturing gives designers the freedom needed to manufacture these parts with minimal limitations.


Case Studies

The design of architectural components such as a balustrade can be challenging, since the design does not only have to look good, it also has to meet several safety requirements and standards. In addition, all designs have to be developed within the shortest time possible. To meet these challenges the engineers, architects and designers at Faraone are always looking for solutions that can reduce their design and testing cycles. 

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