SolidCAM 2D-3D iMachining Training & Machining Training


Duration: 1.0 Day/s
Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS CAD course, SolidCAM 2.5D Milling Training, experience with understanding Engineering drawings, basic experience with CNC machining operations and basic knowledge in using the Windows™ operating system.

This course is designed around a task-based approach to training. With the guided exercises you will learn the commands and options necessary to complete a machining task. The theoretical explanations are embedded into these exercises to give an overview of the SolidCAM 2D-3D iMachining capabilities.


Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction
    • About This Course
  • Lesson 2: The facts about SolidCAM iMachining
  • Lesson 3: iMachining tool paths
  • Lesson 4: iMachining Technology Wizard
    • Exercise #1: iMachining Walkthrough
      • Load the SolidWorks model
      • Create and define the CAM-Part
      • Define the machining of the outside contour
  • Lesson 5: iMachining Geometry definitions
    • Defining closed pocket geometries in iMachining
    • Defining open pocket geometries in iMachining
    • Defining semi-open pocket geometries in iMachining
    • Step down
    • Output cutting data
    • Machining level
    • Define the machining of the center pocket
    • Define the machining of the pocket ledge
    • Verify the tool path and generate GCode
    • Exercise #2: iMachining of an Enclosure
      • Adding a new Machine and Material to the iDatabase
      • Using the iMachining Technology Wizard
      • Using the iRest Technology type prior to finishing
      • The Tool definition and its effects on iMachining
      • 2D Example: iMachining of a Bracket
      • Outside shape machining (iRough_Outside; iFinish_Outside)
      • Through pockets machining
      • Rough machining of angled surfaces
      • Pockets machining (iRough_Pockets; iFinish_Pockets)
      • Finish machining of angled surfaces (HSS_PC_Lin_faces)
      • Bottom ledge machining
      • Cutting of excess material from through hole
    • Bottom face machining
    • Floor radius finishing
  • Lesson 6: iMachining real cutting on CNC machine
    • Summary