myPDMtools enables you to adapt SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to your work methods, automate recurring tasks and improve your efficiency thanks to many new features. Suitable for all companies equipped with SOLIDWORKS PDM professional. For companies that want to access the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional vault from myCADtools utilities.



Save Time and Gain Reliability
-Standardize your SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional settings to meet your business procedures.
-Avoid errors and omissions thanks to automation of PDM daily tasks.
-Design faster and more efficiently with many features added to SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.

Increase Productivity and Boost Innovation
-Trigger myPDMtools tasks in life cucle and thereby eliminate the reprotive and tedious tasks with low-added value.
-Simplify and optimize your work with new exclusive features and more advanced search or control criteria.
-Simplify the daily use of standard SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional interface.

Improve PDM Data Quality
-Check the intergrity of your data from your vault and generate custom reports.
-Keep your graphical data up-to-date and guarantee users the use of latest versions.
-Manage more accurately with your serial numbers and customize your own cumulative counters.

Increase the power of SOLIDWORKS
PDM Professional

Main Features

AdvancedBOM & PDMSearch: Improve performances and search features in PDM
CacheRefresh: Schedule and set the automatic cleaning of the local cache
DataRecovery: Vault mass archive of data and metadata from a Windows files structure
DocBundle: Create a documentary bundle in PDF format containing all the documents needed to manufacture a project
DocPrinter: Print your bundles of documents through a PDM task
DocPublication: PDF conversion of Office, DXF, anbd DWG documents
DynamicList: Create smart choice lists to fill out dtaa cards
PDMCheck: Check the consistency of your database through predefined criteria

CuttingOptimization Tool

PDMProperties: Automatically fill out and modify data card variables
PDMRebuild: Following a change, automatically rebuild SOLIDWORKS documents that are not updated graphically in the document structure
PDMReport: Set and produce customized analysis reports
PDMSearch: Fast and optimized multi-level search on a PDM BOM
PDMViewer: View assembly components attributes directly in the eDrawings viewer
RevisionTable: Fill automatically revision tables in drawings
SerialNumbers: Creation of serial numbers and advanced cumulative counters setup.

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