myCADtools enables you to adapt SOLIDWORKS to your work methods, automate recurring design tasks and improve your efficiency thanks to new business functions. MyCADtools significantly improves your productivity and efficiency with smart and intuitive functions by enabling you to automate recurring tasks, and adapt SolidWorks to your design work flow.

MyCADtools helps you eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks, avoid costly errors and omissions, optimize your design workflow, resulting in faster and more accurate designs.

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Save Time and Gain Reliability

  • Standardize your SOLIDWORKS data to suit your organization and working methods.
  • Avoid errors and omissions by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Design faster and more efficiently with business features.

Increase Productivity and Boost Innovation

  • Eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks with low-added value.
  • Simplify and optimize your daily work with the new exclusive features.
  • Accelerate and optimize the transition from design to production.

Add Value To Your Business Functions

  • Benefit from tools developed from the experience feedback of more than 3000 corporate clients
  • Each company is different and we adapt SOLIDWORKS to your specificities.
  • myCADTools is developed by SOLIDWORKS experts at your disposal.

More than 50 SOLIDWORKS Tools
to Optimize your daily tasks

Main Features

Project Management
SmartProperties: Coding rules and quick creation of smart properties on documents.
BatchConverter, BatchProperties, Integration, SmartDrawings, Powerpoint: Mass processing tools for projects/ folders.

Design and Drawing
ColorChart: Applying colours from RAL and Pantone.
AssemblyBoard: Automatic creation of parts lists in the form of component sheets.

CuttingOptimization Tool
ProjectManager Tool

SmartBom: Extraction of multiple BOMs from projects/ folders
CuttingOptimization: Optimizing shaped output to minimise material falls.
CloneComponents: Automatically insert your configured library components.

WhereUsed: Component configuration job search
Dependencies: Redefine a new disk location in the references of your documents.


With the tools myCADtools, we divided the processing time for production launching by 3. By saving us time and reliability, the tools myCADtools have revolutionized our work methods within the design office. 
Mickaël CROGUENNEC, Draftsperson, Design Office Solutions

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