Animation for Beginners Training


Duration: 2.0 Day/s
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows® operating system.

Animation for beginners will assist SOLIDWORKS users in creating animation for the purpose of studying design movement and preparing product presentation. Animation is great for visual language development and enable effective communication of design. Students will be able to study design movement effectively, sell their product better and improve on their skill set.


Course Outline

Introduction to Animating in SolidWorks
Brief introduction to the Animation Package and some of its capabilities.
Getting Started.
Familiarization with the user interface.

Lesson 1
• Point-to-Point animation.
• Create simple animations straight from the part itself.
• Using the Animation Wizard to quickly create simple animations.

Lesson 2
• Create animations with more granular controls.
• Utilizing available tools to help improve the animation steps.

Lesson 3
• Kinematic motion with mates and motors.

Lesson 4
• Quick guide on animating aesthetic appearances.

Lesson 5
• Tips and tricks on saving to get better animation quality.