Automatic Feature Recognition & Machining
Powerful Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining capabilities, complement SolidCAM’s 2.5D Milling capabilities. SolidCAM’s user has the best of both worlds: Interactive operations & Automation.


SolidCAM provides powerful Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining capabilities, complementing its powerful 2.5D Milling capabilities. SolidCAM’s user has the best of both worlds: Interactive operations & Automation. SolidCAM’s AFRM Recognizes & Machines 3 Types of Features: Pockets, Chamfers and Holes.

Pocket Recognition
Instead of machining each individual pocket in a separate operation, Pocket recognition automatically parses the CAD model looking for all features that are identified as “Pockets”:

  • Open Pockets
  • Closed Pockets
  • Blind Pockets
  • Through Pockets
  • Upper Faces

Automatic Chamfer Recognition & Machining

  • Create Deburing Tool Paths for Sharp Edges, when Chamfers have not been modeled in the Solid Part Geometry.
  • Chamfer Recognition captures all sharp edges of model
  • User can set Chamfer Depth, Tool Cutting Diameter and Safety Offset
  • SolidCAM’s Chamfer Recognition Automatically Avoids Vertical Walls
  • Lets you machine as much as possible, while protecting the part from collisions with the shank.

Automatic Drill Recognition
Automatic recognition of holes for Drilling from the solid model, with the option to modify results.

  • A single Drill Recognition operation creates groups of holes with a common diameter, at varying levels and depths, for machining with a single tool.
  • You can also do a Spot drill operation on all the hole sizes in one operation, accommodating for the diameter of each hole.

Automatic Hole Recognition & Machining (AHRM)

  • Recognize Holes and Classify into Shapes and Groups
  • Convert Holes to Machinable Segments
  • Distribute Machinable Segments to Feature Sets
  • Choose Technology Solution for Machinable Segments from Technology Database
  • Generate All Machining Operations
  • AHRM supports all work position orientations.

SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard Features Recognition + Machining Process
SOLIDWORKS uses their Hole Wizard feature to automatically create different types of holes, including: Counterbore, Countersink, Hole, Straight Tap, Tapered Tap and Legacy Hole. This defines the complete shape of the hole with all of its parameters in one feature.

SolidCAM then recognizes the Hole Wizard Features and automatically inserts their parameters (depth, diameter, chamfer angles, thread pitch, counterbore diameters, etc.) into a Machining Process to create the Profile & Pocket milling operations.