2.5D Milling

Powerful 2.5D milling Profiling, Pocketing and Drilling operations, SolidCAM’s 2.5D module includes:

  • Simplified geometry selection using CAD sketches, auto-feature recognition and advanced chaining functions (Offsetting, Trimming, Extensions) enable changes in geometry without changing the CAD model
  • Working directly on parts, assemblies, and sketch geometry to define your CNC machining operations
  • Rest material machining cuts the remaining material left after a larger tool pass
  • Chamfering, using the same geometry defined in Profile or Pocket operations
  • Thread Milling operation for machining of standard internal and external threads.
  • Special operations for machining side slots with undercuts by a T-slot tool
  • Engraving single line or True Type (double stroke) fonts on flat and wrapped faces using fill areas strategies (Hatch/Contour) and mid-line engraving.
    3D Contouring to drive the tool along a 3D curve, cutting the part at different depths
    Capability to machine geometry wrapped around a rotation axis by transforming linear movement to rotary movement
    Ability to easily program in 2.5D with the assistance of comprehensive, graphically intensive help functions


Work Directly in Your CAD
Quickly and easily work on your parts, assemblies and sketch geometry to define your CNC machining operations, even place fixtures and components for full simulation.

CAM Manager
CNC tool paths are stored as Operations in the CAM Manager that is similar to the look, feel and location of the SOLIDWORKS feature tree. Suppress, cut, copy, paste, simulate, create G-Code and reorder at any time directly from the CAM Manager.

Face Milling
Easily machine faces by contouring, hatching, spiraling and using one line cuts. Extension, overlaps, and lead in/out are automatically applied to machine the entire face, with the tool approach from the outside.

Profile Milling
Cutting Profiles could not be faster or easier as SolidCAM includes multiple roughing and finishing strategies designed to simplify the programming process. Save time with integrated Profile geometry modifications (offsetting, trimming, extension) that enable changing the geometry without editing the CAD model.

Pocket Milling
SolidCAM provides you with the power to machine an unlimited number of closed and open pockets with islands. Pocket Milling includes Contour, Hatch and Plunging, while variable ramping options are also included to provide safe penetration of the material.

Breaking edges in Pocket and Profile operations is much faster and easier with SolidCAM Chamfering. Save time by using the same selected geometry as Profile and Pocket to Chamfer the model edge, without actual model changes.