Non-common but yet useful dimensioning method

In 3D CAD by ateworks

Perimeter Dimensioning
When adding sketch dimensions from an arc, a radius dimensions will be added by default. However, by select the two end points of the arc and selecting the line of the arc, a perimeter dimension of the arc will be created. Creating a dimension on circle is fast and easy. What about perimeter circle? The image is showing a radius dimensions. The smart dimensions that we see the image shows R.

The differences between this two dimensioning will be the icon that is over the numbers.

Steps to create these dimensions
Step1: Select smart dimensions from command manager
Step2: Select two ends points of the curve with smart dimension and without exiting it.

Step 3: Select the final arc to call out the perimeter circle.

Symmetrical Relationship

The purpose of this relation is to align these two sketches to have equal distance from the centerline.

Steps in creating this symmetric
Step 1: Multiple select the entities using CTRL key and select 3 different entities to call out the relations call symmetriccenterline (Centreline must presents for the relationship to works)

Step 2: You can select the entities in any sequence. Once all the entities is selected, it will call out the relation symmetriccenterline . Select to apply.

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