JUST IN: Hands-on Test Drive for SOLIDWORKS Visualize and MBD – Full-house and Success!

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Attendees were introduced to 2 Solutions in just 1 Session!

The session included topic leveraging on 3D CAD data to create photorealistic marketing content before manufacturing; and as well as going paperless and no more 2D drawing environment with 3D drawings with all manufacturing dimensions and details.

Indeed after the event, attendees learnt how to design and market products faster by turning imagination into reality through impactful content and experiences. Everyone knew the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Visualize which can produce an enhanced 3D visual helping decision making experience in a fast, easy, and fun way.


In line with this, everyone took note of SOLIDWORKS MBD being an integrated drawing-less manufacturing solution for SOLIDWORKS users. MBD helps companies define, organize, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information.
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Here are some of the photos to see their experience.





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