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HyperWorks can be installed with either Standalone/Nodelock Licensing or Network Licensing with the same installer file. Client installation is the similar for either licensing type as well. However, license set up for this two installation differs.

*For information on benefits of Standalone/Nodelock vs Network Licensing, Contact us for a detail explanation.

Hyperworks Standalone/Nodelock and Network Client Installation

You will need to have the following before starting the installation.

  1. Altair License File
  2. HyperWorks Installer
  3. Administrative right to run installation

Step 1. Head to Altair Connect to download the installer files for the products you wish to install. Additionally, download the HyperWorks Master Installer. Click HERE for the account creation guide.

Step 2. In the installer file, double click on the Master Installer to install all products together.

Step 3. Under the installer page, select the installation language and click OK to start the installation. Click NEXT for the subsequent Introduction page and Sub-Installer List page as these are just informational pages.

Step 4. Under Choose Installation Type page, select Local and click on Next. Note that certain products are not available for certain type of installation.

Step 5. Under Change Shortcut Folder (Local page), set the appropriate settings for the shortcut and click on Next to proceed to the product installation list.

Step 6. Under Choose Install Set page, select the products you wish to install in the workstation and click on Next to proceed with the installation. Once installed, all you have to do is to do the license set up and your product will be ready to be used.