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AccelerATE i4.0 | Innovative Design to Smart Manufacturing

ATE Singapore SOLIDWORKS 2019 Innovation Day is proud to present to you 4 winning strategies to implementing Industry 4.0 transformation projects.

By now, the industry has a better understanding of the Industry 4.0 framework, thanks to efforts by EDB and many other trade and educational organizations. At ATE’s SolidWorks Innovation Day last year, we introduced the need to transform and be ready for the industrial revolution that is upon us. This year, we will focus on the practical aspects of the transformation, namely the framework, strategies and methodologies.

By now, you would have seen the robots, the IoTs, the Dashboards, the VR/AR, and many hi-tech solutions. Now, how do you put them together? How does this relate to your organization and business? Which aspects of your organization or business should you be transforming first? Do you focus on the technology, process or organization?

Come join us for a day of sharing, learning and exploring the range of possibilities available. Hear from industry experts and people who have started the journey. We are proud to have representatives from EDB, Trade Associations, Solution Experts, and Practitioners share their perspectives. There will also be ample time to explore the key solutions at our Networking Pavilion, featuring:

Integrated Product Design


An Opportunity to Increase Productivity

Simulation-Driven Design


An Opportunity to Improve Product Quality and Reliability

Model-based Enterprise


An Opportunity to Repurpose Data

Digitalized Engineering


An Opportunity to Integrate Teams

#ATESWID2019 Key Takeaways:
  • Industry 4.0: Current Trends and Proven Solutions 
  • 4 Strategies for Innovative Design to Smart Manufacturing 
  • Networking Opportunity with the industry’s transformation leaders and solution and ecosystem partners
  • Assistance available through industry ecosystem

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Executive Director, ATE

Channel Advocate, Asia Pacific South, Dassault Systèmes

Senior Lead, EDB

JF Strategic Management
(Partner of SPETA)

Market Development Manager, HP Inc.

Product Support Manager, ZEISS Southeast Asia

Director, Ultimaker Asia Pacific

Senior Manager, Solutions Architect, ATE


11:30AM – 12:30PM


12:30PM – 2:30PM | Session Hall

AccelerATE i4.0 | Innovative Design to Smart Manufacturing
by Mr WONG KEAT TZE, Executive Director, ATE Singapore

Unleash the Power of 3D Model
by Mr BENJAMIN TAN, Channel Advocate, Professional Solutions,
Asia Pacific South, Dassault Systèmes

Singapore Smart Readiness Index for Industry 4.0
by Mr BEN ONG, Senior Lead
- Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions
- Advanced Manufacturing
Singapore Economic Development Board

CalibrATE i4.0
by Mr KOH HONG WANG, Solution Architect, ATE Singapore
and Mr WILLIAM GOH, Technical Manager, ATE Singapore

Session will cover the 4 Winning Strategies of ATE driving towards Industry 4.0:
1. Integrated Product Design – How to achieve a fully digitalized and integrated product design platform for increased productivity and faster time to market.
2. Simulation-Driven Design – An opportunity to make faster engineering decisions without compromising quality, by using easy-to-use simulation tools and methods.
3. Model-based Enterprise Strategy – Streamlining design to manufacturing through a common 3D design data repository used throughout the life-cycle, shortening time to market and enabling you to work seamlessly with your suppliers and customers.
4. Digitalized Engineering – A fully digitalized engineering data information system to facilitate secure and efficient collaboration across design, engineering, manufacturing & production teams, globally

SOLIDWORKS What's New in 2019 (Part 1)
by Ms JENNY LEONG, ATE Regional
Session will cover: Introduction of the new enhancements of the CAD features. Few demos and videos will be presented for each enhancement

2:30PM – 3:00PM | Booth Area

Tea Break

3:00PM – 4:05PM | Booth Area

SOLIDWORKS What's New in 2019 (Part 2)
by Ms EZHILI SUSAI, Application Specialist, ATE Singapore
and Mr MUHAMMAD FADHIL, Senior Application Engineer, ATE Singapore

3D Scanning: The Possibilities and Benefits
by Mr ALDEN ARANZANSO, Product Support Manager, ZEISS Southeast Asia
Session will cover: 3D scanning is increasingly being used in a wide range of applications for reverse engineering, quality control and inspection, mold and model making, design, rapid manufacturing, archaeology, documentation of art-historical objects, and more. And why not? Today’s 3D scanners promise accuracy, speed and portability – all of which contribute to improved rapid production flow by providing important efficiencies to the quality inspection and measurement processes.

When used in reverse engineering, 3D scanning combined with powerful software, can accomplish in hours what traditional measuring methods takes in weeks. From point clouds, to surface, to CAD, understand in this talk what 3D scanning can do for you.

• Production Ready Parts Assessment with 3D Printing
by Ms SALLY CHUEN, Applications & Sales Manager, Creatz3D

4:05PM – 4:10PM | Booth Area

Tea Break

4:10PM – 4:50PM | Session Hall

• Reinvent with HP Workstation
by Mr FREDERICK CHONG, Market Development Manager, Printing and Personal Systems, HP Inc.
Session will cover: Disruptive technologies with business transformation on changing the way you work

• Uncover the Applications and Value of Additive Manufacturing  
by Mr WILLIAM LEE, Director, Asia Pacific, Ultimaker
Session will cover: Additive manufacturing technologies are opening new opportunities in terms of production paradigm and manufacturing possibilities

• Grants Presentation
by Mr. James Soh, Director of JF Strategic Management (Partner of SPETA)
Session will cover: Information on the process and available Grants and Assistance available through industry ecosystem

4:50PM – 5:00PM | Session Hall

Awarding - Design Competition
Lucky Draw

5:00PM – 5:30PM | Session Hall


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Event Details

4 October 2018, Thursday
12pm – 5.30pm (Registration starts at 11.30am and lunch will be provided)
e2I @ Devan Nair Institute (Hall 1-4)
80 Jurong East St 21, Singapore 609607