Easily create Industrial structures with SOLIDWORKS Weldment

In Tips&Tricks by ateworks

Often it is time consuming to design for structure member and calculating the quantity of material needed for fabrication. The challenges often fall in getting an accurate cut list whenever there are design changes. Fail to do so often result in material wastage that can be a pain for the business owner.

Designing of industrial structures can be quick and easy by using the right tool. With SOLIDWORKS Weldments, you can easily create all structural members in a single step through working with simple line sketches. Take a look at how a Conveyer Frame Assembly can be created in a few minutes with SOLIDWORKS Weldments.

With SOLIDWORKS Weldment, you can also easily generate Cut List Table automatically. When there is a change in your design such as changing of the weldment profile used, all you need to do is simply edit the feature and select the new weldment profile in the setup. All weldments can be easily modified with a few clicks and the changes reflected in your drawings, including the Cut List Table information.

As weldments make use of existing library of weldment profiles to create structural members, this design workflow ensures that your weldment profile are not subjected to occasional numerical input errors. Should there be any profiles that you need to customize, you can easily create the new sketch profile and save it. With this, you can now avoid the need to re-sketch the profile every time you wish to create one beam member, reducing the time spent on modelling.

Using SOLIDWORKS Weldments for your structural design allows you to easily create your models with the least amount of time required. Using the right tools allows you to improve your efficiency – spend lesser time on modelling, spend more time on designing. Accurate cut-list and update in the material usage will eventually reduce material wastage.