In SOLIDWORKS Technical FAQ by wgoh

Starting 2018, SOLIDWORKS full installer can be downloaded through SOLIDWORKS official Website.

SOLIDWORKS will usually keep up to 4 latest versions available online for your download, and that includes all respective Service Pack for each version.

Step 1. Browse to SOLIDWORKS official Website. Select SupportDownload.

You will be required to have a valid Active Subscription SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal Account to access to the download.

Step 2. Select the SOLIDWORKS Version that you wish to download from the drop down menu, follow by the Service Pack you wish to have. As an active customer, it is highly recommended to go for the latest Service Pack of your desired version.

Step 3. Under the SOLIDWORKS Download EULA(End User License Agreement), accept the Agreement to continue to the next page.

Step 4. Download the setup file for the full download by clicking on Download under Step 2. If you only which to download a specific product instead of the full file, you can click on click here under Step 3 instead.

Step 5. Run the downloaded SolidWorksSetup.exe and select the Unzip location. Click on Unzip to extract the Installation Manager. Once extracted, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager will automatically run.

Step 6. In the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Welcome page, select the forth radio button to download full installer file for all installation.

Step 7. Key in your 24 digit CAD Serial number. Note that the license will need to be active to start the download.

Step 8.  Accept the SOLIDWORKS EULA and click on Download Now. Default installation location will be C:\Users\<user_name>\Documents\SOLIDWORKS Downloads\SOLIDWORKS <version>.

The download can take up to few hours depending on your internet speed.