ATE Technical Services has been serving over 1,000 customers in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM throughout Singapore and Malaysia, enabling them to respond to intense competition through better design and greater innovation, faster and more cost effectively.

Consultancy Services

ATE Technical Services has been serving more than 1000 customers within the engineering sector throughout Singapore and Malaysia. Through our services, we have enabled them to respond to intense competition with better design and greater innovation, faster and more cost effectively.

Whether you are facing a need for capabilities, resources or tight schedule turnover requirements, our services can help to tide you over these challenges. We want to be your best outsourcing partner when you are facing engineering challenges as well as when your business grows.

  • Understand and Test Your Design Concept
    At the design stage, it is possible for you to determine how your design behaves in its application environment without having to invest in producing a physical prototype. The other advantage is that it is possible for you to test out various design concepts before committing to producing prototypes, thus enabling you to have material cost savings.
  • Analyze Potential Manufacturing Problem(s)
    You can also analyze for potential load effect on assembly designs such as under static loading or dynamic loading or related molding effect if you are designing for plastic injection.
  • Optimize Your Design
    You may want to create better, lighter and/or stronger design(s), or improve existing design(s) under various load applications and environment. By optimizing your design, it is possible for you to shorter your design cycle.
Design Automation

Provide a customized enablement program for you to improve your existing design rules and processes. Enablement program could include the following:

  • Top Down Design
  • Using Configuration in Design
  • Using Design Table in Design
  • Using Equation in Design
  • Automating Design Task
  • Possible Templating Option in Design

We can enable you to use DriveWorks to power your design and delivering you a training program that can teach you the basic automation functionality of DriveWorksXpress to the full functionality of DriveWorks Solo.

We deliver a complete suite of solutions where we can implement customized project on DriveWorks and provide a customized training program based on the customized project. The advantage of this service will allow you to execute your business smoothly with a peace of mind.

Professional 3D

Providing 3D design based on your specification(s).
Our services can help to realize your design in 3D whether for the purpose of RFQ, producing prototype or even for actual production.
Provide service to assist you in converting 2D to 3D design.
We have the best skill set in 3D modelling and we definitely can help to convert your 2D legacy drawing into 3D model at the shortest possible time.
Create high power animation for your design so that you can position your product better to your end customer.
You may want to consider using our know-how to assist you in creating great animation videos that can better sell or position your product or machine to your
end customer.
Create professional rendered image of your product so that you can utilize it for your sales kit as well as making product catalog.
Looking to stand out in the market place? We can help you to create product catalog with great rendered images from your 3D data.
Collaborate with you on assisting you in design for manufacturing and assembly.
We are always willing to leverage our experience to participate in helping you to optimize your design for manufacturing and assembly.
Provide advisory on design for 3D printing.
Whether it is for adopting of 3D printing as a method for your manufacturing or designing for 3D printing, we can leverage our experience to give you the best advice in 3D printing. Furthermore, you can depend on us to provide you 3D printing service for your design.