Essential Short cut to start your SOLIDWORKS learning Journey

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SOLIDWORKS is a user friendly and easy to learn 3D CAD modeling solution. SOLIDWORKS user interface is design to match the native Window Operating System interface providing you a familiar interface to start your daily 3D modeling. If you are new or just started your SOLIDWORKS learning journey, here are some essential shortcut key that you need to know. Short Cut key Description System Short Cut Ctrl + N New Ctrl + O Open Ctrl + W Open from web …

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Dealing with SOLIDWORKS Resource Running Low

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Some SOLIDWORKS users tend to encounter this issue. Factor such as limited RAM space and many running programs at one time can be considered as the major caused.
For resolution, you may refer the to 2 options below.
1. Virtual Memory Setting
2. Registry modification

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Easily create Industrial structures with SOLIDWORKS Weldment

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Often it is time consuming to design for structure member and calculating the quantity of material needed for fabrication. The challenges often fall in getting an accurate cut list whenever there are design changes. Fail to do so often result in material wastage that can be a pain for the business owner. Designing of industrial structures can be quick and easy by using the right tool. With SOLIDWORKS Weldments, you can easily create all structural members in a single step by working with simple line sketches. Take a look at how a Conveyer Frame Assembly can be created in a few minutes with SOLIDWORKS Weldments.

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Automating your design with DriveWorksXpress

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Does part of your project involves integration and reuse of existing components and assemblies with just slight changes in some standard dimensions? Creating files for such application can be a simple yet time consuming activity, and automating the creation of such parts for reusability is definitely something worth considering. With SOLIDWORKS DriveWorksXpress, you can actually reduce the amount of work needed to create the variations to just a simple form filling which can directly generate the model base on the controlled dimension.

SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses – Borrowing and Returning

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You can easily borrow SOLIDWORKS licenses from the network and use them on a machine outside of your network. Here are the ins and outs of the borrowing license process: OBTAINING A LICENSE First off, you need to be connected to your network that has the SOLIDWORKS licenses. Then you can open the SolidNetwork License Manager on the client machine. This can be found under Start > All Programs > SolidWorks [year] > SolidWorks Tools > SolidNetwork License Manager. There …

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Changing the Way, You Design with Generative Design Technology

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Simulation Driven Design has gain traction in most industries. Before we dive into this topic, let’s examine the importance of simulation impact to design processes. The benefit of using simulation is enormous as it helps to optimize designs; creating better and higher quality products. Additionally, it generates more new and inspired designs and at the same time, it can greatly result in the shortening of your design cycles due to the reduction of material cost or prototyping cycles. In short, …

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Planning for Industry 4.0

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Singapore towards Industry 4.0 While Singapore’s industries gear up for Industry 4.0, a lot of attention had been given to Digitalization and Smart Factory. ATE had spent the last 6 months helping to bring a common understanding and definition of Industry 4.0 to its community of customers. Most of the questions we get in this awareness campaign centred around “What’s the most practical first step towards transformation?” and “Where do I begin?”.  Fortunately for us, Singapore’s  Economic Development Board (EDB) …