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Digitalization as a first step towards Industry 4.0

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Many of us in the technology and manufacturing industry have heard of the need to move towards the 4th Industrial revolution. There have also been many events, seminars and forums created to help various industries understand the benefits of industry 4.0’s smart manufacturing for the future. The Singapore government, spearheaded by EDB and MTI, have also carefully drawn up plans to help spur the industry towards a transformation that ensures our manufacturing industry is “future-ready” through the Industry Transformation Map …

SOLIDWORKS Network Licenses – Borrowing and Returning

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You can easily borrow SOLIDWORKS licenses from the network and use them on a machine outside of your network. Here are the ins and outs of the borrowing license process: OBTAINING A LICENSE First off, you need to be connected to your network that has the SOLIDWORKS licenses. Then you can open the SolidNetwork License Manager on the client machine. This can be found under Start > All Programs > SolidWorks [year] > SolidWorks Tools > SolidNetwork License Manager. There …

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Changing the Way, You Design with Generative Design Technology

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Simulation Driven Design has gain traction in most industries. Before we dive into this topic, let’s examine the importance of simulation impact to design processes. The benefit of using simulation is enormous as it helps to optimize designs; creating better and higher quality products. Additionally, it generates more new and inspired designs and at the same time, it can greatly result in the shortening of your design cycles due to the reduction of material cost or prototyping cycles. In short, …

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Planning for Industry 4.0

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Singapore towards Industry 4.0 While Singapore’s industries gear up for Industry 4.0, a lot of attention had been given to Digitalization and Smart Factory. ATE had spent the last 6 months helping to bring a common understanding and definition of Industry 4.0 to its community of customers. Most of the questions we get in this awareness campaign centred around “What’s the most practical first step towards transformation?” and “Where do I begin?”.  Fortunately for us, Singapore’s  Economic Development Board (EDB) …


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In order to connect to the Altair License server, the client PC will need to be configured. Step 1. Install Altair License Manager on client PC, refer to “How to Install Altair License Manager”… Step 2. On the Client machine, open up the System window(Control Panel > System and Security > System) and go to Advanced System Settings. Step 3. In the System Properties – Advanced tab, select Environment Variables. Step 4. In the Environment Variables window, select New… under System variables to …


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You will need a valid Altair license file for the Altair License Manager. Contact us for a valid license file. Step 1. Download (Refer Step 1 ” How To Install HyperWorks Product”) and install the Altair License Manager on the Server. The Altair License Manager can be downloaded by referring to the title “How to create Altair Connect Account?”. There are different License Manager installer for different Operating System so make sure to download the correct installer for your platform …


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HyperWorks can be installed with either Standalone/Nodelock Licensing or Network Licensing with the same installer file. Client installation is the similar for either licensing type as well. However, license set up for this two installation differs. *For information on benefits of Standalone/Nodelock vs Network Licensing, Contact us for a detail explanation. Hyperworks Standalone/Nodelock and Network Client Installation You will need to have the following before starting the installation. Altair License File HyperWorks Installer Administrative right to run installation Step 1. …


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Altair Connect is a resourceful portal where you can request for support through the Support Request, understand more about the software through the Knowledge Base and download the Altair products. Creating a new account is a simple and quick process which is summarized in the following Step by Step guide. Step 1. Head over to Click on “Sign up for Altair Connect” to create a new account. Step 2. Fill in the details for your account. Step 3. Request for account creation …