ATE SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018

ATE Singapore SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018

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Thanks to all our Customers and Partners for making ATE Singapore SOLIDWORKS Innovation Day 2018 a huge success!

ATE Singapore Solidworks Innovation Day 2018 brought together more than 350 customers and partners of ATE with a common theme: How to be Digital-Ready for Industry 4.0 with the latest technologies from SOLIDWORKS. It was a great time of networking within the dynamic community of designers, engineers, and business managers that use SOLIDWORKS in Singapore.

The event started off with great anticipation and funfare, especially among friends and colleagues in the engineering profession. Setting the stage for the day’s theme, an introduction to Industry 4.0 was made by Wong Keat Tze, Director of ATE Singapore. A case was made for why Singapore’s businesses need to be ready for the transformation.

In the Keynote speech by Mr Chevy Kok, Manager Professional Channels Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS, further insights were shared with participants on how product development is changing with new tools geared towards Smart Manufacturing. Have you noticed how much SOLIDWORKS suite of products have changed over the years? The SOLIDWORKS development team had made stunning progress in bringing together a suite of products that are now giving users tremendous edge in transforming towards Smart Manufacturing. Products like SOLIDWORKS Manage (previously SOLIDWORKS PDM), SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS MBD, SOLIDWORKS PCB, and many others are helping to provide inter-operable platform for a digitalized product innovation process.

There were also breakout sessions for participants who wish to delve deeper into the subject. Those that wanted to know how to be Digital-Ready joined the Pre-Manufacturing session, while those that wanted to know more about Smart Manufacturing joined the Manufacturing breakout session.

An industry-wide subject such as this will not be complete without trade associations and partners. To ensure all angles of the transformation are covered, we invited experts from E2i, SPETA, Simtec, and SMF to complete the picture of how the industry as a whole is moving towards this transformation. In fact, a few lucky winners even received free entrance into the full IoTAsia 2018 event!

Innovation Day – Rich Content and Fun

Overall, we were happy to hear from participants that the event content was rich and yet structured enough to provide them a platform for further examination into this hot topic of Industry 4.0. We certainly hope that this had been a valuable session for participants, because a the end of the day, we want the Singapore Engineering sector to be Digital-Engineering-Ready for the new age of Industry 4.0!

Of course, it was not all just serious discussions. There were two large areas of Experience Halls, showcasing the various technologies for SOLIDWORKS, HP, Zeiss, SolidCAM, and other valuable partners. There were even other fun activities and games with lots of prizes to keep everyone engaged and create opportunities for people to make new friends! Have a look through the event’s highlights in our Event Gallery page!

To those who came — a big THANK YOU! Hope you had fun and benefited from the discussions!

We’re planning follow -up events in which we can dive deeper into each of the topics. Do watch out for our emails, or check out our Event Calendar.

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