ATE Technical Services has been serving over 1,000 customers in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE and PDM throughout Singapore and Malaysia, enabling them to respond to intense competition through better design and greater innovation, faster and more cost effectively.

Analysis Services

ATE Technical Services can assist you in improving and optimizing your design for quality. We have completed many analysis projects ranging from analyzing structure, package design, product improvement and product design optimization supporting multiple industries such as Packaging, Industrial Equipment, Electronics, Medical and Defence industries.

Our capabilities are multi-disciplinary with experience in Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Non-linear Analysis, Dynamic Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis (CFD). Our practitioners are all certified in SOLIDWORKS® and SOLIDWORKS® Simulation, recognized by Dassualt Systemes.

Possible Analysis Services That You Will Need:

Understand and Test Your Design Concept
At the design stage, it is possible for you to determine how your design behaves in its application environment without having to invest in producing a physical prototype. The other advantage is that it is possible for you to test out various design concepts before committing to producing prototypes, thus enabling you to have material cost savings.

Analyze Potential Manufacturing Problem(s)
You can also analyze for potential load effect on assembly designs such as under static loading or dynamic loading or related molding effect if you are designing for plastic injection.

Optimize Your Design
You may want to create better, lighter and/or stronger design(s), or improve existing design(s) under various load applications and environment. By optimizing your design, it is possible for you to shorter your design cycle.