About ATE

“Scientists dream of doing great things. Engineers do them.”
~ James A Michener

From mega factories to nuclear stations, underwater tunnels to mega bridges, space travel to robotics and smartphones, the list is endless when we think about how design and engineering have shaped the world we know. At the heart of engineering design is innovation and a relentless commitment to excellence while balancing between cost and solution. At ATE, we are committed to that pursuit of empowering designers and engineers to meet their engineering challenges throughout their rigorous process as they INNOVATE, VALIDATE their designs, COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE with others, and FABRICATE products. Throughout this cycle, ATE also helps ensure that engineers have the means to effectively MANAGE their design assets while providing the best-possible return on your technology investments.

From our humble beginnings in 2008, ATE has grown from a single-office reseller into a powerhouse of engineering solution provider, with 5 office locations in Singapore and Malaysia, and a 70-strong workforce that can provide localized support and professional engineering services to our customers. In addition to that, ATE also has strong partnerships in APAC, enabling regional companies to enjoy a seamless and consistent quality of service across the region.

Industry 4.0 Transformation – Integrated and Digitalized 3D Engineering Platform

With the rapid adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, ATE has also been active in pioneering adoption consistent with international Industry 4.0 frameworks. Through our products and services, we enable our clients to embark on their own Industry 4.0 transformational journey, by helping them build an integrated and digitalized product lifecycle platform which connects them with their external partners and customers. The platform provides the base for their transformation to Industry 4.0, seamlessly integrating and automating Product Innovation with Optimization, Prototyping, Manufacturing, QC and even Marketing.

The key to successful transformation is in the speed and ability to integrate best-in-class products with deep subject-matter expertise. To that end, ATE is proud to partner with many local and international companies who can bring these ingredients to bear and help our clients achieve their transformation. Our partners include leaders in 3D technology such as Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, Altair, SolidCAM and Ultimaker.

Ultimately, ATE is singularly focused on extracting the best return on technology investment for our customers.

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Best-In-Class Products and Services Partners

As ATE’s customer, you can –

Consulting & Professional Engineering Services

On top of all these, you may have more specific or special needs. Do you need advice on analysing potential manufacturing issues? Maybe need to upgrade your post-processors? Explore additional areas for validation, automate certain design tasks, or explore certain material for Additive Manufacturing? Or maybe you just need additional engineering resources to convert your 2D designs to 3D. Visit our catalogue of consulting services or give us a call!

Our Values

What makes one company better than another? We believe our core values determine who we are. Our values guide decisions and therefore our actions.

At its core, ATE is driven by a commitment to the integrity of character as a company.
That same integrity drives our pursuit for maximum customer value creation and returns on technology investments. Everything we do has to provide an affirmative answer to the question “How does this increased value for our customers?”, whether it is increasing revenue, increasing productivity, increasing quality or reducing cost. This is also the reason our customers come back to us, year after year, It’s not just because they trust us. It’s because they know that ATE will look after their interest.

“There is always an opportunity to make it better” – this is what guides us when we design our services and operational processes. Internally or externally, there is no difference when it comes to how we do our work – quality informed by experience. It is through this commitment to quality that brought us to seek out and create our exclusive ATE Online Learning (AOL) program which enabled our customers to have access to professional and high-quality engineering software instructions, 24 x7, as and when they need it. This made our users significantly more productive than their peers that don’t have access to this service.


When passionate minds meet, innovation sparks fly. Innovation happens when we actively engage each other. This is ingrained in ATE’s values, driving how we engage our customers, partners, and internally with each other. We even encourage our customers to meet and exchange ideas. The “Can Do” spirit in our staff had driven us to find solutions where our competitors thought not possible, resulting in new engineering solutions and new boundaries. And all these can happen only if we actively engage each other, with a focus on solving the collective problems we face.

ATE’s Product Innovation Framework

Frameworks help our customers apply best practices to their actual business operations. Technology is only half the equation. The other half of your success factor depends on how you apply these technologies to your own business process. ATE offers a wide range of products and services that can be applied throughout your entire product development life cycle. To help you better apply these technologies and services, we have organized our products and services around our Product Innovation Framework:

INNOVATE your product design with SOLIDWORKS within an integrated mechanical, electrical and electronics platform; Conceptualize your ideas with SolidWorks Conceptual Design and SolidWorks Industrial Design; Or let solidThinking INSPIRE® inspire you with generative designs.

VALIDATE, How do you know if your design can perform in the intended environment? Analyse and Optimize your design’s performance with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Altair HyperWorks (suite of products), or solidThinking’s generative design software INSPIRE. Validate your design for form, fit and function through various prototyping services we provide, one of which is 3D Printing using the various material.

COLLABORATE. Innovation is a collaborative and iterative process. But how do you ensure the latest design versions are correctly used and tracked in a distributed environment? Manage your collaborative workflow and your design assets using SOLIDWORKS PDM or SOLIDWORKS MANAGE.

COMMUNICATE. How can you best communicate your designs with sales and marketing, suppliers or customers? Share your technical design in the form that your audience can use with SOLIDWORKS MBD, illustrate your design’s assembly or maintenance operation with SOLIDWORKS Composer, or discuss product features with customers using photorealistic renderings from SolidWorks Visualize;

FABRICATE. Send your digital designs directly to fabrication software such as CAM and Nesting software. Or where applicable, adopt Additive Manufacturing by sending your design directly to a 3D printer. Then ensure consistent quality in mass production using SOLIDWORKS Inspection. We also work with external pre-qualified partners for fabrication of prototype and production parts.

EDUCATE yourselves and even your customers with ongoing upgrading, certification, and acquisition of new technology skills through our exclusive ATE Online Learning (AOL) platform, or our full-suite of certified classroom training, customized packaged training, and even free continuing-upgrading classes. Check out these services!

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