A guaranteed Working Solution for Automating Your Electronics Workflows and Engineering Processes

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JUST IN: In just 22 minutes we have learnt the power of SOLIDWORKS PDM! It surely help us in quickly finding and repurposing files, parts and drawings. Assures ease sharing and collaborating of design information with people inside and outside the organization in multiple locations. Automates electronics workflows and engineer change processes.

The speaker – Hock Chuan reiterates how a good proven system can help you manage company workflows and ensure data integrity. With over 15 years of his experience in data management solutions – he ensured that a proven track record in ensuring successful & effective software deployments for customers and partners across the region.

Question is are you having issues looking for your files or archiving them? Or any issues on automating your workflow and processes? It’s time you learn about ATE’s WORKING SOLUTION!

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