Maximise your SOLIDWORKS Subscription Benefits with PIR

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At ATE we pride ourselves to be not just a solution supplier; we also wish to become your partner and help grow your business through maximising the solutions that we provide. By improving process and the utilization of the engineering software and solutions, we seek to improve our customer’s competitiveness in the market.

In the ATE Subscription Program, customers are entitled to an array of benefits which customers can enjoy during the period covered during the subscription.

The ATE Subscription Program is as follows:

  • Customer Portals
  • Maintenance
  • Technical Support

For this blog we will be focusing on the PIR or Post Implementation Review portion in the Maintenance segment in the ATE Subscription Program. We will be discussing the typical queries that are often asked about the Post Implementation Review.

What happens during the PIR?

Through this review session, we can assist you in addressing the following:

  1. Ensure all implementation of Solution is complete and fully operational
  2. Review and maximise the utilisation
  3. Improve your design process and workflow
  4. Review your Return of Investment (ROI)
  5. Improve your competitive edge in the market with better capabilities

What happens after the PIR?

The information that we have gathered during the PIR helps us asses the utilization and see the current state of the solutions that was introduced. This information serves as like a diagnosis to see if all the planned goals and benefit of getting solution is achieved.

Why do we need do PIR?

From the assessment derived from the information gathered from the PIR, we will be able to determine whether the implementation of the solution has been successful. And if the customer is still facing challenges implementing the solution, we will advise accordingly and work together with the customer on how to overcome the challenges.

All this information will tabulated into a report which we will firstly send to the customer to vet and edit accordingly and then subsequently uploaded to our database. This information is also a major constituent for the Preventive Maintenance portion of the ATE Subscription Program. 

How does the PIR benefit me?

Apart from being a customer with ATE, we also serve to further improve the processes and workflow that are currently in place. We can help determine the productivity bottle necks, skill gaps and lack of necessary capabilities.

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