Automating your design with DriveWorksXpress

In DriveWorksXpress by ateworks

Does part of your project involves integration and reuse of existing components and assemblies with just slight changes in some standard dimensions? Creating files for such application can be a simple yet time consuming activity, and automating the creation of such parts for reusability is definitely something worth considering. With SOLIDWORKS DriveWorksXpress, you can actually reduce the amount of work needed to create the variations to just a simple form filling which can directly generate the model base on the controlled dimension.

Taking a conveyer assembly as example, the design and components of a conveyer may be standard but it can still vary in Length, Width and Height depending on the project it is used for. With a bit of time, you can create the whole model for your requirements by just indicating the desired dimensions. Having this option to create CAD files, even users without knowledge of SOLIDWORKS can easily create variations of existing CAD files and drawings. All the respective related drawings will be automatically generated according to the original, with update in all the dimensions.

Using SOLIDWORKS DriveWorksXpress to automate the modelling of your reusable assembly and part files can help reduce time spent on modelling. As usual, aim to improve your efficiency with SOLIDWORKS – spend lesser time on modelling, spend more time on designing.