How do i use SOLIDWORKS RX?

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SOLIDWORKS RX is an application designed to collect a variety of system data to help diagnose and resolve crashes and instability.
For example one of the best usages of RX includes checking if your graphics card driver is up to date or certified.

Features and Benefits

  • Gathers complete SOLIDWORKS system and event information
  • Makes it easy to send comprehensive information relating to a SOLIDWORKS problem
  • Allows technical support engineers to see what happened to cause the issue with a video created with the SOLIDWORKS Rx video capture tool
  • Allows you to review and diagnose your system
  • Provides feedback and recommendations for improving your system
  • Provides links to start SOLIDWORKS in ‘Safe Mode’ (Software Open GL mode and bypass tools, options)
  • Provides links to guides and other support information
  • Automatically creates a zip file containing all the files and information required for a Technical Support Engineer to solve the problem

SOLIDWORKS RX – Diagnostics

The first phase of SolidWorks Rx looks for common issues that arise concerning computer configuration and setup, and then reports its findings.
This diagnostics section reports common settings and recommends improvements for things such as video drivers, disk space, and RAM.

Review this information to see if it lists items that you should address. Once you address those issues, click the Reload Results button to reload the diagnostics.

SOLIDWORKS RX – System Maintenance

This allows several optional automated tasks with a single click.

  • Clean SOLIDWORKS backup directory
  • Clean SOLIDWORKS temporary directory
  • Clean Windows temporary directory
  • Clean temporary internet files
  • Cleaning temporary files in SOLIDWORKS data folders
  • Run Checkdisk
  • Run Windows Defragment

SOLIDWORKS RX – Problem Capture

Read more about problems capture with SOLIDWORKS RX.


SOLIDWORKS RX – Reliability

The Reliability tab provides you with information on sessions that have been terminated in the past 60 days. To use this tab you can review the daily summary to see different color icons.

  • Blue is a normal termination
  • Orange is terminated by user

Red indicates terminated unexpectedly.

For sessions terminated by the user or terminated unexpectedly, the Session Ending section lists Windows events. This includes events like driver crashes or network failures.

For sessions that terminate unexpectedly, the Reliability tab displays a call stack.

Click on the number in the session with the same stack to display the list. This data can help communicate important information about what might be causing SOLIDWORKS to terminate.

Windows and installation events shows us windows drivers and patches.

(When you create the Problem Capture, all this information is collected into a zipped file folder.)


SOLIDWORKS Benchmark ( is used to run tests and compare results with other SOLIDWORKS users.

Before running a Benchmark, note the following:

  • Reboot your computer before starting
  • This test can take 30 minutes or more depending on your computer configuration
  • Do not use your computer for other applications during this test