Problems Capture with SOLIDWORKS RX

In SOLIDWORKS Technical FAQ by wgoh

SOLIDWORKS may or may not be running in the background when you run the tool.

If an issue starts to occur during your SOLIDWORKS session, for example, you can start Rx and begin recording a video of what you are seeing.
This information is invaluable when troubleshooting issues. This information can capture the process flow to create an issue you are seeing in your SOLIDWORKS as well as gathering important operating system information.

There are three steps to a Problem Capture.

Step 1: Start Capture

You can choose to Use Current Session or Restart SOLIDWORKS Now

Then choose Start Recording in the next selection window

Repeat the same steps for the technical incident scenario. Then Finish the recording.

Step 2: Package Files

Be sure to add your SOLIDWORKS files using ‘Add More Files to Zip’ if necessary and make sure you select a location, to save this information so you do not have to search for after the Problem Capture creation is complete.

Save the Log Files under Documents.

Step 3: Email

After that, attached the zipped files to for further technical support from a Technical Support Engineer to solve the problem