In 3D CAD, Assemblies by ateworks

The ability to understand the potential problems in your parts and assemblies when in motion can be a valuable feedback to your design. With the newly launch SOLIDWORKS Mate Controller, you can now easily manipulate assemblies that contain moving components, and even those with many degrees of freedom.

Mate Controller is a one-stop feature which allows the user to consolidate all the limit mates that they wish to control. The Easy manipulation controls will give you precise control over the positioning of your components. It is also possible for you to control the operating position of your assemblies by creating snap shot for each of the position. This is a big advantage considering that you use to require configuration to achieve the different positioning.

Included in this new enhancement is the integration with Motion Studies. Now, you can create animation easily by exporting the positioning that you created in Mate Controller into animator, thus making animation creation effortless.

From the application point of view, it is definitely going to be a sweet spot for automation design especially in the area of pick and place design. With Mate Controller, you can easily and quickly verify your assembly motion before your manufacturing. Example of a typical application can be seen in the video below.