How to map SOLIDWORKS PDM variables with MS Word Document?

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Are struggling with a huge number of non-CAD documents?
How about adding file properties or details automatically – even before opening the documents.

Document summary – title, subject, creator, keywords, description, Template, lastModifiedby, revision, TotalTime, lastPrinted, created, modified, Pages, Words, Characters, Application, DocSecurity
DocSummary – category, PresentationFormat, Lines, paragraphs, Slides, Notes, HiddenSlides, MMClips, ScaleCrop, Manager, Company, LinksUpToDate
CustomProperty – The attribute names are custom defined

The above items of an office documents can be mapped with SOLIDWORKD PDM Data Card Variables, so that the values of these items can be added or changed using PDM feature without opening the documents.
Refer the video for the steps to map variables for a Word document.

Three key steps to remember
1. Create custom properties on the Word Document
2. Add the macro to the Word document (Find the script in the description)
3. Create Data card variables

Macro Script:
Dim aStory As Range
Dim aField As Field
For Each aStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
For Each aField In aStory.Fields
Next aField
Next aStory

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