Thread Creation Made Much Easier for SolidWorks 2016

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By Nathaniel

Users who have used earlier versions of SOLIDWORKS to create thread features will know the pain of creating the feature properly. The reason being that, users had to manually create the thread features which they wanted to apply to their parts or assemblies in previous versions of SOLIDWORKS, and that could amount to a fair bit of time spent just trying to get the thread feature right.

Along with the numerous enhancements, SOLIDWORKS 2016 now enables 3D cad users to create thread features with greater ease. That means less time spent worrying and more time to focus on the design.

Here are some images of the shiny new feature!


This new feature is not available by default on the feature tab of the command manager so users might have to customize the command manager and add it in.

The overall functionality of the thread feature is similar to the sweep feature already present in SOLIDWORKS, albeit modified with a few more unique options.


And that’s not all, the user has the option of creating custom thread profiles and sizes much like weldment profiles, and access those custom thread profiles from this feature.


Aside from cutting threads the user has the option of creating extruded threads, that when combined with a custom thread profile allows the user to create something like the feed screen in the image.


There are even more options which allow the user to modify the diameter and pitch of the thread to get a better fit.

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