SOLIDWORKS 2016 Enhanced Sweep Function Give You More Control In Design

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By William

SOLIDWORKS sweep is an advance feature to create spring-like component or custom profile running through desire path. Very often, designer will create circular sketch profile before performing the sweep. In SOLIDWORKS 2016, a circular profile option is now available for selection under the sweep feature. This enhancement is not just limited to working with curves, model edges and sketches can also be used to define the path. This addition make it easier for the designer as there is no need to sketch a circular profile at the end of the path before creating a sweep feature. Creating component like spring is now made very conveniently to the designer with this enhancement.

sweep pic 1

sweep pic 3

Furthermore, sweep feature in SOLIDWORKS 2016 will no longer absorb the reference curve into their parent feature.

sweep pic 2

The Helix and Composite Curve are now ordered separately to the sweep in the FeatureManager. With this enhancement, the Helix and Composite Curve are now selectable without having to delete any sweep feature that are referenced to them. This will provide great modelling flexibility.

The Sweep feature function is also extended further whereby now there is no longer need for the sweep profile to reside on the end of a sweep path. When having the sweep profile at any position, you can now sweep and control the twist in either or both directions along the path length.

sweep pic 4

With the Sweep feature function greatly enhanced in SOLIDWORKS 2016, not only will the time and effort taken to create your intended geometry be greatly reduced, you will be given more flexibility and control in your design.

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