Important Highlights for SolidWorks Simulation Enhancement 2016

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By William

SolidWorks simulation is a great tool to help validate and and improve your design quality. Solving complex problem with various design parameter and load criteria had never been easier with SolidWorks Simulation. Every release of SolidWorks Simulation comes with enhancements to ease the validation of your model.

I will like to highlight 2 of my favorite simulation enhancement In SolidWorks 2016.

  • Mesh sectioning for greater insight into your design performance.
  • Find unconstrained bodies options for better problem and model troubleshooting.

Mesh Sectioning

SolidWorks Simulation 2016 comes with the ability to section the mesh to provide insight into the internal structure ensuring you have the desired mesh density at any location across the model. It is a powerful tool whereby you will now have the ability to gain insight into the internal mesh elements of a body.



Mesh sectioning at pre-processing stage


Mesh sectioning at result plot

With the detail provided in the mesh cross sections, we can determine whether the mesh density is accurately meeting our requirement. We can even use the mesh sectioning at the result plot.

Find Unconstrained bodies

Another of my favorite enhancement is the finding unconstrained bodies feature. This feature is also very powerful as it helps to detect bodies that are not sufficiently constrained. For instance take a look at the simple scenario below:


In the model above, an unstable message is displayed to indicate some body in the model is having insufficient constrained. Very often, it can require some effort in diagnosing this issue during the pre-processing stage. With the new enhancement for SolidWorks Simulation in 2016, the new capability now allow you to be able to detect unconstrained degree of freedom of body in our model.


Under constrained bodies feature show all the unconstrained bodies in the model that help you to identify the issue of your setup

As you can see here, it is much easier to detect that our dangling component in our weldment structure is not constrain properly thus allowing us to identify the issue with our setup straight away. It definitely result in time saving when doing pre-processing setup for our simulation model.

With these great enhancement in SolidWorks Simulation for 2016, you can now work on your simulation model more efficiently.

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