Enhanced Visualisation With SOLIDWORKS 2016 PhotoView 360

In 3D CAD by ateworks

By Fadhil

PhotoView 360 has always been a powerful tool in SOLIDWORKS for the photo realistic rendering of models. In SOLIDWORKS 2016, PhotoView 360 has been further enhanced with the new Motion Blur capability. With this new feature, users will now be able to apply blurring effect associated to capturing images of part in motion. This feature can be applied to animation as well as to still images. With this enhancement, users will now be able to capture ultra-realistic images of part in motion with SOLIDWORKS 2016 PhotoView 360.

See the video below for illustration on how to create motion blur effect in image.

Another enhancement to PhotoView 360 is a new feature call Scene Illumination Proof Sheet. Previously, manipulating the scene illumination is a manual and iterative process where the user will need to use the Render Preview Window to understand the effect of the illumination. With this Scene Illumination Proof Sheet, user will now have a single preview interface that give an overview of different illumination effect that can have on the rendered part.

PV360 pic1

As you can see in the image above, the preview layout is made up of tiles where each tile represents a set of effect that comprise the rendering brightness, the background brightness and the scene reflectivity. You can view the selected image effect immediately with any selection of the tile where this will allow you to make comparison against your original rendered object.

PV360 pic2

After selection, there is an incremental slider where you can fine tune the illumination of the image further.

With enhancements such as Motion Blur and Scene Illumination Proof Sheet in Photoview 360, it will definitely make creation of good realistic images and animations in SOLIDWORKS more effortlessly.

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