An Updated, Clean and Modern UI for SolidWorks 2016!

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By Nathaniel Chew

With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2016, the software has gotten a face lift and several really useful enhancements that enable the user to work much smarter and faster.

The user interface of a program is something that we interact with all the time and can sometimes be so organic that we don’t consciously realize how much thought and planning has gone into it to achieve a good user experience.

In this post we aim to highlight some of the user interface enhancements we think readers might find useful and/or interesting.

The Color scheme

The first and most striking of the changes would be the revamped color scheme of SOLIDWORKS, which is quite different when compared to SOLIDWORKS 2015 as illustrated in the following images.

2016 UI picture

Icons and text now scale to the screen resolution and can accommodate high resolution screens of up to 5K, catering to the needs of users who require such clarity.

The Command manager

Ever found your command manager disengaging from is default location when clicking too fast? That will no longer an issue in SOLIDWORKS 2016, the command manager can now only be dragged from the tabs seen in the images below, and if more drastic measures are required, users can even lock the command manager in the current position if necessary.

2016 commandmanager

No more randomly repositioning of the command manager when you’re fully engrossed in your projects.

The Breadcrumbs

One feature that was voted the most popular user enhancement/ feature during the beta was the breadcrumbs feature.

The breadcrumbs feature located by default to the upper left hand corner, allows the user to access features, functions and also make other selections based off their initial selection, which in this case is the face that is highlighted in blue.

2016 breadcrumb

Another enhancement now allows the user to bring the confirmation corner to the location of the cursor, this is simply done by pressing the “D” key. This reduces the amount of mouse travel and enables the user to quickly confirm or discard any changes that were made.

2016 D button

Using the new shortcut in tandem with the breadcrumbs feature creates a synergy, where the user can access the breadcrumbs at the cursor location. This combines the advantages of both enhancements allowing the user to make necessary selections much faster.

It looks like these updates in SOLIDWORKS are focused on improving and enhancing the software so as to enable and empower the user to do more with ease!

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