Network rendering with SolidWorks – A brief guide

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Network rendering with SolidWorks – A brief guide

by Nathan

This part of the how-to is for users who already have SolidWorks installed on their machines. Do take note that this following details the process of installing the PhotoView network render client.

Locate and open the installer for SolidWorks, for this example we will be making use of SW2014 x64 SP5.0.


This will bring up the SolidWorks Installation manager, select “Modify the individual installation (on this computer)” and click next.

pic 2

This will bring you to the product selection page, here the only modification required would be to check the “PhotoView 360 Network Render Client”. Then click next to go to the summary page.


At the summary page, ensure that these are the changes which the user would like to make and then proceed to click modify now to start the installation/modification process.* Do take note that the time taken for this process differs from system to system.


Once the process has successfully completed, you should see the following image.


When you click on the windows start button you should now see the newly installed network render client for PhotoView. This icon also appears in the start menu folder for SolidWorks.


Using the Network Render function in SolidWorks

To make use of this function, ensure that the PhotoView add-in is enabled in the add-ins menu.


Navigate to the Render tools options found on the command manager task bar. Scroll to the bottom of the available options and check the box next to Network Rendering.



The rest of the process is automated, as long as there are render clients available on the network, the main machine will detect and allocate tasks to these clients.

This is an example of the interface of the network client. The client has to be set to “Enter client mode now” in order for it to be seen/available to the main render machine.


It is possible to make use of the inbuilt scheduler to decide when the client is available for rendering, this is one of the productivity options built into the software.