Easily find where your files are used using EPDM

In PDM by ateworks

Easily find where your files are used using EPDM

by James

With the Where Used function in EPDM, you can easily find where a file is being used.


  1. To use the Where Used function, just login to the vault and navigate to the folder where the file is located.
  2. For example I select PCB2 part
  3. Then I click the Where Used tab.

It will show where PCB2 part is being used.

As you can see PCB2 is used in several projects just by looking at the folder locations.


Also there are other functions like Show All Levels or Top Level only. You can display file references for the entire file hierarchy (Show All Levels) or just the top level of the file hierarchy (Top Level Only)


You can also export the file as comma-delimited .txt file and open the file list in Excel as a comma-delimited file.



With the Where Used functionality, you can make better decision and do your design change.