Creating A Customize Hole to Be Used In Your Solidworks Hole Wizard

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Creating A Customize Hole to Be Used In Your Solidworks Hole Wizard

by Erick

The beauty of libraries is that it can cut your design time drastically. Whether it be a part or a specific feature, it always pay dividend for you to take some time to customize your libraries to best speed up your designing process.

For today, I want to show how you can create customized holes to be used in your Holes Wizard. Hence I will be showing in a step-by-step process on how you can create it. So feel free to follow along!


You’re going to start by opening Toolbox Settings by going either to Start, All Programs, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks Tools, Toolbox Settings or within SolidWorks under the Toolbox menu, selecting Configure Toolbox.

You will be opening this Toolbox dialogue box and then select Hole Wizard


Search for the type of hole you want to customize

Example is the Tapped hole being selected

A list of all the different sizes for this type is being shown on the right side

Select the add new size

After Selecting the add new size, Key-in the values that you want to add. Then select ok.


After adding, select thread data

After selecting Thread Data, Select add new size


Key-in the values that you want to insert on your new part, on the last portion, Series just click on the spacebar if no value to be inserted. Then click ok


Once the new size is inserted, save the changes in your toolbox, then close it.

Try again to use your hole wizard. The new size can now be used on your hole wizard feature.


I hope this would help you achieve better efficiency in your design process!