Solidworks Feature Recognition – Using the Interactive Method

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Solidworks Feature Recognition – Using the Interactive Methods

by Erick

Some of the pains of working with a neutral files (such as Parasolid and IGES) is the lost of feature information which makes editing them a hassle. Solidworks tries to alleviate this pain by introducing Feature Recognition, which helps you identify some of these features and populating them again in the design tree for easy editing.

There are two ways to use Feature Recognition, which is either by allowing Feature Recognition to AUTOMATICALLY recognize the features, or you could use the INTERACTIVE method to identify this features by yourself. Depending on the size of the part, I would recommend that you use the INTERACTIVE method as this allows you to correctly identify each of this features. Besides, Solidworks Feature Recognition makes it very easy for you to do so. It consists of the 3 steps:

1) Choose the type of feature

2) Choose the neutral face that is the baseline for this feature

3) Choose the exact face that consists of this feature

and click OK, simple as that!

Just to further show these steps and Feature Recognition in action, check out this video that I made: