Automate your Configurations using DriveWorksXpress

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Automate your Configurations using DriveWorksXpress

by David

A few months ago I started a task scheduler series whereby the key message was the ability to cut down on time used on repetitive tasks such as updating drawings etc using some of the tools provided for Solidworks. To up the ante today, we are gonna automate something much more intricate, which is part configuration.

With Solidworks you could create configurations on a particular part with the same part file. But what if you could automate the creation of each configuration whether it be the dimensions or features? Introducing DriveWorksXpress for Solidworks!

DriveWorksXpress is a free tool on Solidworks created by the guys over at DriveWorks. With this tool, you have the ability to not only create the configuration of parts, but also the creation of the technical drawings as well as the naming convention. Words dont do justice on how amazing this solution is, so here is a short demonstration that I have created:

In just a few minutes, you could create an easy to use interface which helps you define the type of configurations that you want. This is however the basic package which helps in defining:

  1. Drive Dimensions
  2. Drive Features
  3. Drive Custom Properties
  4. Files Names

Have you seen those websites whereby you can download a CAD file and choose the configurations that you want? Well you could actually implement the same thing with the full version of DriveWorks! For the full details of the capabilities of DriveWorks, check out the product matrix here!