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Over the years of leading technology adoption to digitalise product development and manufacturing capabilities for our customers, we’ve formulated best-in-class solutions for Product Lifecycle Management, covering activities from 3D Design to Product Validation, Technical Documentation, to Prototyping and Smart Manufacturing. Along the way, we’ve also built an ecosystem of best-in-class partners who can complete the end-to-end solution that aligns with Singapore’s Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI), a framework that helps companies start, scale and sustain their Industry 4.0 transformation to the future. Our solutions can operate standalone, or integrate seamlessly with other systems such as ERPs and MES. 

Our total solution include cutting-edge 3D CAD, CAM, CAE, 3D Printing or AM, and PDM/PLM technologies, supported by industry giants such as SOLIDWORKS, Altair Hyperworks, SolidThinking, SolidCAM, Ultimaker and many more. At the heart of our service is the collective consultation with a proven framework. We bring together the best minds and subject-matter expertise to apply to your situation and needs. Our holistic solution not only considers the technology, but also your business process requirements as well as people and organization.

 Through your entire journey from product ideation to manufacturing, even to sales and marketing, we provide you the right tools and services to support every step of your journey:

  • CAM solutions
  • Integrated QC packages
  • Training Courses
  • Additive Manufacturing Services
  • MES & ERP Integration

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Are you adopting the best tools and process available for your business? ATE has the tools, people and best-practices to help you transform your business for the future

Satisfied Customers
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Each month we host valuable events focused on educating you on the products and services that can help streamline your product design process. Whether you attend local events at a branch location or a fun venue, you'll find our seminars and workshops to be educational, interactive and time well spent.
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Our Consulting Service

If you’re looking for a partner that appreciates the practical needs of running a business, yet having to transform at the same time, look no further. We can consult with you as you Learn, Evaluate, Architect and Deliver solutions tailored to your situation and needs. As a practical approach, we understand the difference between a step-by-step transformation versus a big-bang transformation. We also assist our clients in identifying the resources required to achieve the transformation.

 Or, if you’re looking for very specific areas of services such as investigative engineering services using simulation or optimization of certain product or process, give us a call. Our in-house engineers and partners can provide these services or just free advice on where to look.

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The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018 predicts that “…the prominent technologies of the future will live in the “real world.” They will transform not only what we do on the web, but also what we do outside of it, and sectors affected will include transportation, healthcare, heavy manufacturing, agriculture, and many more real-world industries”. Read more


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